About Me

I blog about sports, life, and other stuff. I’m a front-end web developer who isn’t your typical computer nerd.  I’m a huge sports nut.  There’s nothing better than having my 2 daughters sitting on the couch watching football or NASCAR or any other sport with me (they’ve really been getting into hockey lately).
The teams I root for are:

NCAA:  The University of Iowa Hawkeyes

NFL:  Green Bay Packers

MLB:  Houston Astros

NHL:  New York Rangers

NBA – Indiana Pacers

NASCAR – Dale Earnhardt, Jr & Martin Truex, Jr

Aside from sports I have two beautiful daughters:  Clarissa and Kimberly.  I also work part-time at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines as a Video Coordinator for events (aka running audio/video for the Iowa Wild, Iowa Wolves, Iowa Barnstormers, NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championships, and others).

I will post as often as I am able to.  If you follow me on Twitter (@YQJ31) you will get notice of new posts.

Any blog posts are my own opinion and do not necessarily reflect that of any of my employers, family, and/or friends.

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