2016: We’re Done Here

With 2016 coming to an end I’ve had a lot of thoughts and memories from the last 12 months going through my head. While a lot of people are looking at 2016 as a borderline horrible year I can’t help but think about how good of a year it was for me. Don’t get me wrong, there were more than enough negative things for me this year (mainly my divorce and everything that comes with it) but I can’t dwell on those. As I was thinking about 2016 the good things started popping up and suddenly my memories were flooded with the “peaks” rather than the “valleys”.

I had the opportunity to have a front-row seat for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in Des Moines (and got paid to be there).

I’ve been given opportunities at work to prove myself throughout the year, including mentoring an amazing intern and leading a fairly large project.

I had one of my best years on the golf course: my game got better, my team made our league playoffs (first time for my partner since he’s played league), I saw my dad get his first hole-in-one, and I played in some fun work outings.

I was able to go to Disney World (even tropical storm Colin couldn’t dampen that, no pun intended), Universal Studios (for the first time ever), and Daytona Beach over a long weekend.

And last but certainly not least I’ve made a lot of great new personal and professional friendships. (I’m sure there’s a lot more but these are what have stood out).

I’m looking forward to what 2017 will bring. 2016, it’s been fun but we’re done here.

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